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Boise State Preview: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-18-15

The MWC Connection gives its hawt taeks.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

MWCConnection Previews Boise State

I understand Jeremy Mauss has to be unbiased since he represents all of the Mountain West Conference, so don't expect the same homerism all of us here would have. I didn't listen to the whole thing, so maybe someone with more time can break down some of his talking points in the comments. If you want to save time, I'd skip the intro song altogether (about 2:12). He starts out talking about cost of attendance in the first segment, then his guest joins around the 8-minute mark.

WR Cottrell to Boise State

Drew already posted this over the weekend, but the Statesman includes a highlight video. He looks like he'd be hard to bring down once the engine gets going. He's also pretty good at sealing blocks on the edge for inside passes, which is probably what some of the coaches are looking at for TE passes and screens. Fits right into the gameplan Drinkwitz is looking to implement.

One question I have, though: Does his cost of attendance have allowances for bacon-wrapped churros? Big men need meat!

Boise State has Six Individual Track and Field Champions

The MWC Championship was held at San Diego State this Saturday. All of the individual championships were won by four seniors. As a team, they placed sixth overall, with Colorado State taking first in Men's and Women's. Congrats to our Track and Field athletes!


Are you into conspiracies? Here is a video of 10 places on Earth hidden by Google Earth. My guess? Alien Bigfoot.