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ESPN wins rights to MWC title game

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly, I'm less than enthusiastic about all things sporting moving to the worldwide leader, but thems the breaks and ESPN snagging the MWC title game rights from CBS brings with it some positives...and some negatives.

Negatives first

  • The title game is no longer on network television and no longer trailing the heavily-viewed SEC championship.
  • The title game will air on ESPN2...not a huge deal as most have the full ESPN family of networks in their TV package, but the deuce has slightly less prestige.
  • MWC title game could cross streams with other title games such as the ACC or Big Ten according to Chadd Cripe.


  • Start time (5:30pm, December 5th) is much more beneficial to Bronco fans locally AND across the nation (last year's game didn't kickoff until 10:00pm ET).
  • Sure, ESPN is a pay service, but are in a LOT of households, and even though the game was on CBS proper last season, it was blocked out in some markets.
  • ESPN will pay more for the television rights than CBS did, so BSU and their MWC counterparts will receive a bit larger slice of pie (and Rocky Long can finally afford that lovely brooch he's had his eye on).
  • With better kickoff time and a move to pay-to-play ESPN, paltry attendance figures could creep up (last year's game only netted 26k fans despite heavy discounts and scores of giveaways).

What say you?

Do you like this move (not like MWC had much choice—CBS didn't pick up 3rd year option)? Am I the only person somewhat saddened by every single sporting event moving to the Worldwide Monolith?