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Boise State's Finley Pleads Not Guilty: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-15-15

I'll have two bowls of split plea soup, please.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Finley's Trial Dates Set

This article has a little more information about the nature of Finley's arrest. I thought he was in a car when the arrest was made, but it turns out he was hiding in some bushes somewhere. Anyhoo, he's entered a Not Guilty plea for both misdemeanors and will go to jury trial on July 10th. Finding jury members in Boise for this trial reminds me of an old joke that I heard around the time of the OJ trial (Names have been changed to protect the... well, we'll see):

"Knock, knock!"

"Who's there?"

"Ryan Finley."

"Ryan Finley who?"

"You're on jury duty."

ESPN Preview of Boise State

They seem to have a crystal ball that sees McNichols as the starting RB and Kelsey Young backing him up. Kelsey may be a transfer from a larger school, but it remains to be seen what he does against our defense in the fall. Younger brother Cory might be the safer pick, or--like Drew speculated in a previous article--we could see them open the stable doors so no coach can prepare for what we're doing.

Should we Fear the P5 Conferences Cutting the G5s Out?

That's always been a worry of mine, since the P5 could just make a decision that they're on a higher plane and cut out the underdog conferences...a-la the FCS. I think I recall hearing them considering making a new division at one point. Regardless, Underdog Dynasty points out a few reasons why we need not fear the split anytime soon, if at all.


Would you watch a show that is a cross between The Office and The Muppets? I might, if this trailer is any indication of how fun it might be! (Gonzo's observations are spot on!)