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Athlon Sports Previews 2015 Boise State Broncos: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-14-15

What's in store for our boys?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

2015 Season Preview

I always look forward to Athlon Sports' Spring Preview issue, just so I can read through and war-game the season in my head. They're normally pretty thorough in their analyses, and we all saw this happen last year:

They turned stingy for a four-and-a-half-game stretch from halftime of the San Diego State game to the end of the season. The biggest flaw last year was giving up the big play, an area that should improve with this group’s experience and the return of the nickel back.

Read: Sanford ran up the score in the first half then played it safe and relied on the defense to win the games. Man, there were some second halves that had me wondering what happened to our team! I think the best time to run experimental plays is when the score is so lopsided, rather than revert back to the Robert Prince playbook and play it safe. It's either three failed runs and punt (turnover) or try the double-under, reversed two-stinger, flip-flop flea flicker fullback fakie fumblerooskie into history (or just another turnover).

(I'm still waiting for your phone call, Coach Harsin!)

CBS Sports' Post-Spring Rankings

Respec'! Boise State is in the top 20 (ranked 16), and they anticipate another strong season from our beloved underdogs. Normally, I'm not big into preseason rankings, because they give pundits and voters a preconceived notion of who's the cock-of-the-walk before any games are played. How about require them to watch the first games before saying who's the top teams? Bu-u-u-u-ut, I guess I'm fine with the rankings if they involve us.

Another ranking I agree with is TCU at #2. I still really like TCU, despite our closely contested "rivalry." Last year, just by my estimation, I thought they were the best team in the nation. I believe their defense would have embarrassed Ohio State, Alabama, or Oregon. And they had an explosive offense to back it up! If we don't make it into the playoffs, I hope they do, just to show that a team with fewer resources who was recently considered a lesser school can not only hang with the Pig Dogs, but humiliate them.

...Or just let us do it when we go undefeated.

Checking in with an Old Friend (HT Shawn Benner)

Titus Young avoided state prison time, but is still in rehab for brain issues. The doctors seem to think he's doing very well, and one counselor would venture to say he's a completely different person. It's good to hear that he's doing better. I had almost written him off before this article came along. Although he probably won't play in the NFL again, I hope he lives a healthy successful life, as I'm sure most other Nuggies do. We're behind you still, Titus!

Boise State to Retain Deal with Ticketmaster

So if you're like me and don't have season tickets or a rich uncle with some, you might have to go this route.


I have been meaning to pull this prank every year in the teachers' lounge, but keep forgetting when Halloween comes around. Maybe I should just put it in the back of the fridge for when they clean it out at the end of the year.