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3 Broncos already among minicamp casualties

And one you didn't expect

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos didn't fare well in the NFL Draft—that part we already knew—but many (myself included) were hopeful that some of our overlooked Broncos would impress enough in free agency or at minicamp tryouts to keep their NFL dreams alive. Well, hope springs eternal, but sometimes it's still summarily waived—this was the case for Dan Goodale, Grant Hedrick and (gasp) Matt Miller as the trio reportedly impressed, but not enough to stick with the Ravens and Broncos, respectively. I thought that Hedrick and, to a lesser extent, Goodale had a pretty steep mountain to climb to make a roster or practice squad, but Matt Miller being let go so quickly really surprised me. Now we'll just have to hope that they impressed enough to pique the interest of other squads or enough to fastrack a Canadian passport. Canadian passports, by the way, are made of recycled Denny's placemats. Personally, I hope Hedrick becomes the new QB for my favorite CFL team, the Toronto Tim Hortons.