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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-1-15

Uno de Mayo!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Two RBs Down: Where Will Ajayi Land?

During the draft yesterday, the St. Louis Rams foolishly selected Todd Gurley at #10, then the Chargers went and made loons of themselves by picking Melvin Gordon at #15. (Sorry, SJSDfan!) Who's going to pick the running back who will make the most difference, who will someday be selected into the NFL Hall-of-Fame, the RB who already has a cool nickname and touchdown celebration? Yes, ladies and gentleman, our own Jay Ajayi. Keep your ear to OBNUG today for any potential announcements.

Border Clash Coming to BSU

Today and tomorrow, track and field athletes from Idaho and Utah will compete at Boise State in order to see which state is trackier and fieldier.


Could you identify your mom by touch and sound? Let's see how a bunch of kids do here? (Warning; may be tears.)