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Boise State vs the Field

Who is going to be this year's G5 darling? Hopefully Boise State.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Because we seemingly have an offseason that just won't end, it gives us plenty of time to speculate about things over which we have no control. In case you hadn't heard, Boise State has approximately 216 returning starters on defense, with about that many on offense. And no glaring holes at all, whatsoever. So it is basically safe to assume the team will have no problems running the table and going to another NY6 bowl game. Just pack it up, other G5 teams--don’t bother trying. The Peach Bowl (I think is the next in the rotation) might as well get the trophy and rings ready to sit beside the three previous Fiesta Bowl bling. Boise State will be making that NY6 money again!

Or will they?

Over on advanced stats, Bill Connelly gives a thoroughly in-depth look at what Boise State did last year, and the prospects of what they team has returning this year. For some reason his personnel numbers don't quite match mine. I'm guessing he's getting lost in all the math. Because there is a lot of math to look at. I mean a lot. In his MWC Power Rankings he has Boise State in the top spot with their very own tier all to themselves. I can only assume they have churros and DQ on demand. In said power rankings he mentions the thought as to who would be the NY6 G5 representative: Boise State or the Field.

I know things kind of fell Boise State's way last year, but a MWC champ seems to weigh a bit with the selection committee. Well. At least a MWC team whose jerseys inexplicably blend in with the turf. And it seems as though Boise State has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to having a perfect record--or not (sorry, not sorry Marshall). But running the table is really difficult, and something that even the best teams can’t seem to do.

I have no doubt that an undefeated Boise State team would be the representative in a NY6 bowl. The possibility of being the highest ranked G5 would be a nice head start. The "ok" out of conference schedule of Washington, BYU, and Virginia has enough name recognition to keep Boise State buoyed ahead of any other teams that get hot. Provided Boise State wins those games, of course. And Boise State getting a more favorable conference schedule bodes well for odds.

Because college football is college football, where you can go to half time feeling pretty good about yourself only to end up lying awake at 3 a.m. wondering about the height of goal posts, the question becomes: who should you take? If you had to bet a sum of money (purely for speculative purposes of course) that means something to you, would you bet on Boise State making another money bowl, or should you take the field? While the perfect season is ideal, it obviously isn’t necessary for Boise State get to the promised land. There are a lot of factors that go into answering the question, and we can get into the more nuanced "acceptable" losses and finer details at another time, for now lets keep the question simple and straight up:

Boise State? Or the Field?