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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-9-15

You win some, you lose some losers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Recruit Sheard Arrested, Dropped From Program

Running back recruit Raymond Sheard was arrested on weapons and drugs charges, and will not be playing for the Broncos anymore. I don't feel bad for the loss, because our program relies on more than just talent, we also recruit character. This kid doesn't seem like he's too concerned about his future. But hey, this frees him up to be paid by an SEC team to play for them!

Preview of O-Line

Regardless of who plays quarterback, they will have a pretty formidable group of guys protecting them. I've often found the success of a talented quarterback depends on how good their protection is. Remember #1 draft pick, Alex Smith? Talented, just couldn't play with the 49ers losing red rover team in front of him. Maybe if the offensive line does great and we repeat or exceed last years' performance with a new QB, we can nickname them "The Great Wall of Boise."

In Other Bronco Sports...

A women's golfer won a tourney, the men came in 9th as a team, the softball team lost twice and is 0-8, and Chase Baker found a spot on a CFL team!