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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-8-15

I know there's gotta be football happening out there somewhere!

How Winning Football Games Affects Academics


BSU Golfer One Shot Back

Golf is a sport which is fun, but could be livened up if you were allowed to do a demolition derby in the carts between holes.

Never Count Boise State Out in Sand Volleyball

Sand. That stuff is hard to get out of a towel when you put it on a beach! Then you shake it off and it gets in your eyes! The worst was when they issued us tiny short shorts in the Marines, and then made us do sit-ups in the sand! It was like taking sandpaper to your tailbone! Speaking of sand... it always seems like I find sand in my clam chowder. Yuck!


If you like stats and interactive maps, you'll love this site! This is for people looking to buy homes, but I'm amazed at the different comparative stats they have here! (They even have UFO sightings per capita) If you live in Ada County, here's your stats (including which schools are best).