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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-6-15

Guess who's 37 today?

Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Bertoli Leaving to Pursue Flying

In case you missed it this weekend, Charles Bertoli is leaving the team to pursue his lifelong interest in becoming a pilot. He claims he only had a goal to carry the hammer and score a touchdown, and now he's been there, done that. So it's onward and upward for Mr. Bertoli. Good luck, Chuck! We'll miss you!

O-Line Spots up for Grabs

I love that the Boise State coaches say every position is open until someone proves they belong there. It's no guarantee for previous starters, and so they need to keep up their game, so as not to forfeit their spot to a talented, hard-working underclassman.

BSU Avenges Loss Against Air Force men's tennis, but hey!

Spotlight on Gymnast Maddie Krentz

The Arbiter's back, although this article wasn't written by the low-res fella.


My oldest son played a game with some friends at a party where they took their chances getting a delicious Jelly Belly, or a nasty-flavored one. Kinda like Russian Roulette without the dying. I've often wondered how they came up with the nasty flavors, and this answered my questions. Also, nobody lives in Alaska, Nevada, and Idaho.