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Roundtable Discussion: Your #1 Game?

In this article, we discuss which game we most look forward to this season. We will discuss this in electronic form, since I seem to have misplaced my signal flags.

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I'll start off, since I think I might have a different take than everyone else. Of course, the season opener against Washington is probably first and foremost on everyone's list, since it involves a measuring stick against where we were and where we now are (Attacking the Past?). But as we have seen last year, a season is not completely broken with a first-week loss. No, the game I look forward to most is the BYU game on September 12 in Provo. This is the game where I believe we'll see a team that has adjusted past the first-game jitters. Also, it's the first big road test against what I believe will be a good team. If Taysom Hill stops breaking body parts, BYU could be a formidable team... hopefully after we play them. One other reason I'm looking forward to this game is personal: Taysom Hill was a student of mine at Highland High School. Observe:

Taysom's Really, Fer Real Yearbook Photo
Taysom's Really, Fer Reals Yearbook Photo

Just kidding, he's a really good kid. Smart too! It's a shame I am going to be rooting against him. Also, it's BYU, so…

What say ye?


I believe Russ to be correct that Washington will the game that everyone looks to as a tone setter for the rest of the season. Win that game and everything seems downhill and Boise State is on the fast track to all the fame and fortune a big bowl game provides. Lose? Well. All is not lost, however it would definitely smart. Especially considering the personal ties on the other side. Because the Washington game is too easy to choose, I am actually going to go with another team from the Beehive State. Utah State. Ever since they've become not bad, this team seems to get a LOT of disproportionate hype. I know last year's game Boise State ended with USU getting wrecked, but this year could be...a challenge? I heard via the Twitters that, apparently, Boise State has actually yet to face presumed Heisman Frontrunner Chuckie Keeton. Is that accurate? At this particular rate, one can only guestimate that he won't make it to October 16th intact. But you never know. With USU's ability to field really good linebackers, electrifying playmaker (I guess), and playing at Romney Maverik Stadium, this one could be a good one to see! Or not!


I'm going to go the less traveled path and go with Virginia. I know, I know, they were less than crappy last year, but hear me out here. We know Washington. We know BYU. We know everyone on our schedule except the underachieving Cavaliers. Yes, they went 5-7 in the ACC, so we can surmise that we will win. BUT, the fact that we have never played them will play its part for sure. Throw in the away game AND the uncertainty of who is starting at QB, and you have the makings of a trap game.


I'm going to let you guys in on a closely-guarded trade secret: our schedule isn't that great this year. Sure, we kick things off with The Awkward Bowl against Pete and his merry band of ex-BSU staffers/alums and yeah, we "get" to go to Provo, Utah—home of the NO TAILGATING!, but after that, I just don't know. Everyone's already mentioned the money games and the probably-maybe-only-competitive league game, so I guess I'll have to go elsewhere with my pick (well, I don't HAVE to...what're you gonna do about it, Russ...huh?!). Here's my pick(s), and I'd like a drumroll's the back-to-back triple option games against New Mexico and Air Force. That's right everyone, I'm a masochist apparently. I'm picking this twofecta (and breaking the conditions of this exercise in the process) because of good old-fashioned revenge. Air Force made us look very foolish in Colorado Springs last season and were our lone conference defeat—New Mexico made us look foolish in Albuquerque and were basically a moral defeat. Now we get both of these teams on our home turf on consecutive weekends in November and I want blood. I'm also kinda-sorta interested in finding out if we learned anything from last year's debacles—sure, UW and BYU will be good measuring sticks to see if the 2015 Broncos can make a NY6 run, but I want to know that Marcel Yates can be fooled twice, but damned if he'll be fooled thrice and fource quadr- four times.