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Boise State QB Ryan Finley reportedly arrested

QB race just got

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State's QB race might have just got a tad more interesting, and not in a good way. Last night/early this morning, Ryan Finley was arrested for pretty standard college kid fare—minor-in-possession. The second charge—resisting and obstruction—however, makes this a tad worse than a standard "guy with a wine cooler" routine. Now, at first blush...these charges don't seem overly serious and will likely be taken care of well before Fall Camp. However, Boise State generally does implement some sort of suspension in cases like this, and if that turns into a one-game suspension in the Fall...I can think of one rather important game that this would put Finley on the bench for. Again, depending on what the coaching staff feels is the severity of this infraction (obviously, this breaks team rules as well), he could even miss some Fall Camp time...which in a rather tight QB race could be big.

It would be foolhardy to suggest that this is the end for could have a much smaller impact than my just-woke-up head is thinking—but, in a QB derby as close (and important) as this...anything can change the complexion. Furthermore, you'll find no condemnation of Finley here...and I'm certainly not one to cast stones, but football players are simultaneously held to the same standards (in eyes of the law) and higher standards (in what's required of them) than the rest of their peers and have to behave accordingly. Lapses in judgement happen, and sometimes...sometimes you just don't run fast enough.