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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-2-15

Today, we celebrate April Sages.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Lions Looking at Ajayi?

ESPN's Lions reporter is pretty sure they are going to draft a running back, and thinks Ajayi might be a good fit. If he and Kellen were on the same team, and Titus young hadn't gone absolutely batpoo, the Lions might have been the next BSU 2.0 instead of the Cowboys.

But my plans for the Seahawks to dominate the world can't happen unless they get Ajayi to replace Lynch eventually.

Moxey has Moxie

What an original headline I just now made up for the first time ever! You may have read this article about Jonathan Moxey already, but I missed it in the links, so here it is.


Here's a new game nobody wants to play: Guess which words I typed into Google to get this? (Funny guesses count for recs.)