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Where are they now?: The recruits that could have been

In this edition of Where are they now? we reflect on a play many Bronco Nationites are very familiar with, not only because of his stellar play, but also because of his iconic name: Squally Canada.

Squally was a product of Milpitas High in Milpitas, CA and a part of the 2014 recruiting class. Listed at 5’11 and 180lbs, Canada exemplified many of the qualities common among BSU running backs: underrated, overlooked, undersize, and a big chip on his shoulder. He displayed a physical, but more upright, running style that was punishing and unforgiving. Racking up 1,916 rushing yards and 24 touchdowns his senior season brought his career total to 3,367 yards and 41 touchdowns. With those numbers, it’s no wonder why the Broncos came knocking. The Broncos were his first offer, but the Pac 12 followed suit with Colorado and Washington State offering. Boise State was too good to pass up, and Canada committed on an unofficial visit to Boise in June of 2013. All was as it should be and Squally was happy with his decision. But, unfortunately, the allure of the Pac 12 was too much.

The last weekend of August, Canada planned a visit to Oregon State, who also offered him. The unfortunate part is there seemed to be a misunderstanding regarding visits between the Broncos and Canada. The relationship soon went sour as it seemed his scholarship had been pulled. The trust had been broken on both sides, whether purposely or accidentally, and the ties were broken.

Canada took his visit to Oregon State and later in the year, to Washington State. According to a article in December of 2013, Canada had narrowed his list to WSU, CU, CSU, Houston and SJSU prior to his visit. (Another interesting not in this article is Squally’s actual name is Bryant. Squally was a nickname given to him by his father on the way home from the hospital following his birth). Squally committed on his official to Wazzu and became a Coug.

As is standard in many places, Squally red shirted his freshman year and took most of the reps on the scout team through camps according to Christopher Shaw in a article. As of October 21st, 2014, though, Canada was no longer a part of the Cougar program. No real details were released other than Canada leaving the program.

Canada transferred from the Wazzu program to one of the most unlikely ones: BYU. I say this only because BYU is terrible and I see no reason why anyone would want to go there. I kid, I kid, but it definitely wasn’t a place I saw Canada landing. But, BYU had a need, and Canada fit the bill.

Whether Bronco fans thought they would ever see Canada again or not, they will. And if that sentence wasn’t confusing enough, we will see him in a BYU uniform. Still confused? Me too. Due to transfer rules, Canada must sit out the 2015 season, but we could see him Coug blue (the worst shade of blue) in 2016.

Regardless of the past situations or rumors heard, Canada was one of my favorite players to (de)commit from the Broncos, not just because of his name, but his outspoken personality. We’ll get a few more chances to see it on the field, just this time we will be rooting against him. Good luck Squally and we’ll see you in 2016. GO BRONCOS!