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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-15-15

Is it winter again?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Modster to Make Announcement Today

4-star quarterback recruit Devon Modster is going to make an announcement today at 2:22pm whether he'll attend Arizona, UCLA, or BSU. Since I know he's reading this (because who doesn't), let me just remind him of a few more things:

  • Arizona is always hot and dry. Good for lizards, not people.
  • UCLA: It's located in Los Angeles. Good for gangsters, not people.
  • Boise is a beautiful city with 4 seasons, a great night life, plenty of recreation on the outskirts of city limits, and THE COOLEST COACH IN NCAA FOOTBALL!
In a preview of the quarterback race, The Idaho Statesman has stated what many of us suspect at this point: Nick Patti is the second coming of Kellen Moore.


The series finale of Justified rocked! I was glad it panned out the way it did, although if you followed the series, I know there's still one lingering question unanswered (in my mind anyway): Did Dickie Bennett's hair ever evolve into a sentient lifeform?