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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-14-15

Taco Tuesday, Taco Tuesday!

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Running Back Race Still in Question

Jack Fields and Jeremy McNichols were both out for the spring game, but that allowed Cory Young to make his impression. I can't wait to see what we'll look like in the backfield this year. Having a guy like Ajayi dominate every touch, it's hard to assess what others could have brought to the table. We saw flashes of brilliance from McWeapon, and I wonder if the coaches won't implement a multiple-RB system which caters to the strengths of each individual.

Finley Projected as Frontrunner, According to NBC Sports

We have a Hendrick sighting! Check out this paragraph:

“He’s done well,” head coach Bryan Harsin said according to the Idaho Press-Tribune. “He’s put himself in a position to have the most experience out of those guys. He was the guy ready to play had Grant (Hendrick) gone down last year. He’s improved, and he’s taken advantage of that.”

I remember that guy! He was the guy who occasionally showed up on a Friday night game to replace our starting QB, according to various announcers! Does Hendrick still play for us? What about his cousin, Hendrix?

Something about Tennis, Sand Volleyball

Click away, if that's your thing!


Ever wonder what blind people "see" in their dreams? I found this guy on youtube who answers a lot of questions about blindness. Here's his guesses about what color scented markers are. (I really have a hard time guessing flavors of Jelly Bellys without visual cues.)