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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-13-15

Is spring a thing after the game?

Could you be looking at our next starter?
Could you be looking at our next starter?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Game Recap

Although Drew's is far more OBNUGgy. That man braved the elements for you lot (in canvas shoes, no less)! Give him a rec or two. (And if you see him in person, a rec = a Butterfinger Blizzard.)

Boise State Still Has Style

ESPN wrote a nice little piece about Boise State's foot ball team and their chances of possibly making the College Football Playoff if they go undefeated. Harsin said this:

"I got to believe at some point they’ll have the option of taking Boise State and say, 'Let’s take Boise State and see what they got. They played Oklahoma and TCU and Arizona and won.' That’s the opportunity for a team like Boise State to play for a national championship," Harsin said. "A lot of things have to happen the right way, but things happened for Ohio State.

"And if we win and Boise State is playing in the national championship, think about that, how awesome would that be? That’s what college football is about -- opportunities like that."

I must admit, it's kinda refreshing to have a coach who speaks honestly about his ultimate goals and dreams, instead of just passing along a press-friendly answer about "one game at a time" (even though that's the best way to view a season). Set the bar the highest you can, coach! You'll invent a new way of clearing it, just as Idahoan Dick Fosbury did before you.

Men's Tennis Beats Nevada

I will never let you live down that night, Nevada. If we beat you in Kitten Husbandry, I will be there to gloat over it!

Softball Wins One

First one in 16 games. So let's congratulate them and pretend to be interested until fall practice starts.


Cat people are awesome, according to new data. Hey, it's not that I don't love dogs, too, I just prefer the company of an animal that is less needy and has never mistaken my leg for a female of its species during mating season. So far, all the pregnancy tests I've given my leg have come up negative, thank Gosh.