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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 4-1-15

It's April, and I didn't shower.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Stuart Named Starting QB

In a strange turn of events, Coach Harsin met with the press after yesterday's practice to announce the starting quarterback for the 2015 season. Tommy Stuart will be the starter, with Ryan Finley as backup. From the presser:

Finley has been pretty good when he filled in last season, but Stuart has risen above the rest these last few weeks. He's our guy.

Label me surprised!

Highlight Video From Spring Practice

KBOI was on site to record some of the practice drills and speak with Coach Harsin afterward.


How would you rank the Superman movies? Here's a buncha geeks' take. How many Arrested Development characters can you name? I did pretty good in the first column. 
Today is April Fools' day. What's the best prank you've pulled or had pulled on you? My favorite: My brother-in-law had someone from a medical clinic call his son-in-law (who was currently having tests run), and ask him to bring in a stool sample.

"Should I just put it in a baggie?"

"That would be fine."