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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 3-4-15

Time to wakey!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation Bracket Now Includes BSU

Once again, the writer of this article points out that BSU swept SDSU in the regular season, but still has BSU seeded 11th in their division while SDSU is seeded 7th. I wonder if this has to do with the region including games at Taco Ballerina, or if an 11th seed in the South Division is actually more desirable than being pitted against the potential overall #1 seed or #2 seeds, Kentucky and Virginia, respectively. I don't know... sounds mathy to me!

Countdown to Spring Ball, Day 6: McNichols

If we keep calling Jeremy McNichols "McWeapon," does he no longer have the status of being a secret weapon?

Reno Gazette Power Rankings

It must sting to put Boise State at #1, while Nevada comes in at #10. But hey, dudes flipped off Billy Winn. Karma is a beepch.

What is This BSU "Roundball" Thing?

A clever little article about the rise of BSU basketball.

It's Official: Sanford Officially Converting to Catholicism

Or he's just leaving The Blue for Greener pastures at Notre Dame. Good luck, Mikey! Maybe you can use your new position to someday get some games scheduled against your alma mater. Then we can kick your butt legally for ditching us when you said you wouldn't.


My students introduced me to a new form of crack in a website. It's called Sporcle, and it tests your memory as well as your typing skills. Try this one on for starters. Then see how good you are at recalling NFL teams. Tougher than it looks, especially when I look at what I've written and that becomes all I can think of from then on.