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Who IS Bronco Nathan?

One Nathan under God.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I first starting hearing about 'Bronco Nathan' during the first Fiesta Bowl run in '06, and since he's become an almost mythical figure around the Treasure Valley. But who is Bronco Nathan and why is he so integral to the success of the football team? Below, I hope to put together a compelling profile of Bronco Nathan so we may find him and commend him for his tireless support of our football team.

Here's what we know

Bronco Nathan is strong - This is the one trait that seems to continually stand out about Nathan. Rarely an interview or post-game press conference goes by without someone alluding to the overall strength and tenacity of Bronco Nathan. I've been known to throw the weights around a bit, but I'm guessing Bronco Nathan is at least a 320 guy on the bench for people to be so enamored with his strength. People could also be talking about emotional strength, so maybe Bronco Nathan is a guy that can sit through that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial without tearing up.

Bronco Nathan travels well - Another thing you always seem to hear about Bronco Nathan is that he travels well, so tracking him down may be as easy as finding someone that fits his profile AND has a lot of frequent flyer miles. Whether it's Autzen Stadium, Glendale or Blacksburg...Bronco Nathan will be there.

Bronco Nathan is loud - Bronco Nathan likely has a powerful set of lungs as he's been described as "deafening". He may have a megaphone or bullhorn on his person. "Loud" may also refer to a manner of dress, so when tracking Bronco Nathan, be mindful of people wearing very bright, garish clothing.

Bronco Nathan is proud - This usually goes hand-in-hand with being loud...but hey, why shouldn't he be?

Bronco Nathan is loaded - You'd have to have cashflow to travel so much, but it seems he's also quite the philanthropist...not a Bronco fundraiser or cause goes by that doesn't cause him to whip out his wallet.

Bronco Nathan loves churros - Because obviously.

His name is Nathan - This much we know for sure. Whether it's a shortened version of "Nathaniel" or a longer version of "Nate", this is his given name, and based on my brief research he appears to be a powerful, indivisible, and sovereign Nathan.

The profile

Bronco Nathan's current whereabouts are unknown...but that's not surprising given that it's the offseason. I expect he'll be back for the Spring game and is monitoring camp closely. When he re-emerges on April 11th, he shouldn't be too hard to spot, given the physical and psychological profile I've outlined. Personally, I'll be looking for a blue-eyed 7-foot behemoth with a shock of orange hair and a churro in each fist. He'll be swathed in blue and orange vestments and his shouts will shake the foundations of Albertsons Stadium. If you happen to see a guy fitting this profile, please alert me at once—I'd love to meet him and thank him for his tireless support of our Broncos.

Bronco Nathan truly is the greatest Nathan on the planet.