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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 3-26-15

Any news? Any?

Treefort Music Festival Coming to Boise

Since I couldn't find any new articles about Bronco sports, I'm taking this opportunity to plug Treefort. Some of my Boise friends, Brad and Laura Hunt, are very active in helping organize this music festival, and although I've never been, I hear it's pretty awesome! Who doesn't like hearing new music? (Now would be a great time for Senior Chief and boiseblues to reappear and defend good ol' music.)

Hey, I have an idea! Let's check in with rival BSU blogs and see if they have any stories I can link to:

The Blue Turf

This is the latest story they've posted. In case you weren't aware, BSU won the Fiesta Bowl!

Blue Turf Nation

That's a little better! Their latest is an open letter to our women's basketball team.

Bronco Nation News

They've posted a story about the passing of Don Hutt, so it's a little more timely.

Blue Turf Sports

That's more like it! These guys have their ears to the ground... wait... where's everyone going? Stay here! I promise we bring the most snark! We have kcam and Shovel! Up-to-date analysis by MAGMADIVER! Misplaced punctuation by Roj!

It's okay if you cheat on us a little. We're not jealous. As long as you always come back to OBNUG.

(Man, I miss Kevan!)


Here's a collection of English tongue twisters (ironically from a German sounding Australian site). But I don't think they can top "Irish Wristwatch" or "Toy Boat" spoken 10 times aloud!