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Waek up, BoNrco NaTin 3-19-15

Because rules don't matter, I guess.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Internet Reacts to BSU Loss

Sure, this article is written through Dayton's lens, and it does point out all the nastiness that has been spoken about last night's game, but it does compile the story well enough. If they had just gone to OBNUG for our reaction, they would not have had to edit any of our responses! (Although they might wonder why we kept typing "BW.")

We'll Always Have This, Though...

At one point in the game, I wondered if the Harlem Globetrotters had taken the court. Simultaneously, I was very grateful for Under Armour. The cheerleader's reactions were my favorite. This may be very "junior high" of me to get such enjoyment out of this, BUT GUYS, PIERRE WAS PANTSED ON NATIONAL TV LOL!!!!1!!1

BSU Pro Day Recap

It's time to put men's basketball to bed, with a grateful heart to our senior men for coming to our state and doing so well! Now, back to FOOTBALL! Ajayi had NFL RB coaches from Seattle, San Diego, and Jacksonville looking at him. Hedrick performed very well, Page impressed enough to get some scouts to believe he could get a free agent deal, and Goodale impressed with his leg (no word on if he had any beard help).


One of my favorite maps of Idaho. This is the perception I hope people have of our state, 'specially rich Californians.