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Bounced: Broncos can't close out Flyers in Dayton

Neutral site.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Boise State basketball proved something tonight...they can make me feel really hurty pains just as well as the football team. Boise State looked to have the game sewn up several times, but in the end the homecourt advantage of the Flyers proved too much. Shame too, the game was a rather good one, save for the last minute. I'm still a bit heated right now and not knowing whether to direct my anger at the refs, who decided MMA rules were in effect in waning seconds, or the Broncos, who'd executed beautifully offensively most of the night, save for the last few ticks.

Either way, the Broncos are headed home...their 25 wins on the season tying a record. Derrick Marks, who missed the final shot (all while being mildly assaulted) led the all scorers with 23.

Hey...look at this!