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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 3-18-15

Game on!

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Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Ajayi to Make a Statement at Pro Day

This is actually a pretty in-depth look at Ajayi from Bleacher Report, with lots of analysis on his strengths and (other strengths). He doesn't have any weaknesses, IMO, besides maybe a taste for pickle juice.

Prediction for Tonight's Game

Keep rooting against us, writers: It only makes us stronger.

USA Today Previews Dayton Game

We're not scared of a little home-court advantage! Ask Utah State and New Mexico how that worked out for them. While you're asking, check in with SDSU about unbroken winning streaks.

Game Schedules

We play Dayton at 7:10, Normal People Time, on TruTV, or whatever link someone posts in the gamethread.

Miscellinkeous: This cat.