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Broncos have a date with Dayton

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Glass half full types were ecstatic with Boise State's inclusion in the 68 team NCAA tourney field last night, while glass half emptiers quickly pointed out the Broncos weren't "technically" in the tourney just yet. First, the Broncos have to win the only true away game of the tourney as they play seemingly underseeded Dayton IN Dayton on Wednesday night. So, the Broncos (and Dayton, for that matter) might have been just a teensy bit screwed by the bracketers...but just like any team in the tourney, the Broncos still need to win to advance, something they've never done in the NCAA tournament, play-in game or no.

I've divulged before that I'm not the most basketball savvy writer on this here blog (that title generally fell to our esteemed colleague Jesse Baker), and can't say much about our midweek opponent other than they have an identical record to our Broncos (25-8) and their logo looks like a modified History Channel mark. Luckily for everyone, Campus Insiders came through with the goods this morning and provided us links to their 68 in 60 tournament previews and videos...the latter I've embedded below. If you don't have 60 seconds to spare, here's a spoiler: they think the Broncos "advance" to play Providence in the first round.