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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 2-6-15


Interview With Mark Coyle

He was asked about the late games, and he responded:

"We hear a lot about the times (of games), and trust me, we hear our fans. And selfishly, I've got three young kids and my kids missed games because the times were so late, so I hear and understand their complaints and their frustrations from that standpoint. We'll work closely with our conference on the game times. Also, I'm part vampire, so you know... nights."

I might have made that last sentence up.

Rypien the Measuring Stick for Class of 2015

A four-star recruit, named Seattle Times' POY, and taller than Nick Patti was/still is. Does Rypien bring the same level of fervor as "The Patti Wagon" did, or are our expectations for another Kellen Moore unreasonable? (After all, Kellen was a football deity.) I have no reason to doubt Finley, who has shown flashes of brilliance. Could the spring game come a little sooner, please?

Wrestling Falls to Cal Poly on Senior Night

It's too bad: I really had high hopes for this team coming into the season. But if mat time is what makes a great wrestler, Boise State has some great underclassmen coming up through the ranks with experience to be had until their senior night.

Coming from a former coach who has had to build a team up from nothing, I can tell you, losing dual after dual can be a disheartening experience. Wins really help bolster confidence.


Having a baby soon? Here's some of the least popular names throughout the years if you want to avoid doubling up names with your neighbor. I would buy this poster, except money. Speaking of Napoleon Dynamite, can you guess which is the most iconic movie shot in Idaho? Others might disagree.