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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 2-27-15


Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Best G5 Coaching Jobs

ESPN ranked the most desirable coaching positions in the Group of 5, and Boise State is the undisputed #1. Also included in the list (if you don't want to read it), are:

  • BYU
  • Cincinnatti
  • Houston
  • UCF

Just when B/R couldn't seem to get any dumber, the go and do something like this...

I would say it's up there pretty high. This game will help determine if BSU is worthy of a tourney berth, and the way Webb III and Marks have been playing (not to mention Duncan behind the arc), I think SDSU had better be on their "A" game.

You've probably seen these before, but I think they're hilarious! Garfield Minus Garfield and 3eanuts take classic comic strips and just subtract essential elements (like Garfield or the last panel) to create something else entirely new and sadly hilarious.