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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 2-23-15

Lotsa Ajayi stuff this weekend

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Ajayi Showing Well at Combine

His vertical is half-an-inch higher than Odell Beckham Jr.'s. Who-da thunk?

Who Could Replace Beast Mode?

Guess who the first name on the list is? Too late it's Ajayi. Being a Seahawks fan, I've watched a lot of both running backs, and the comparisons are valid. Ajayi is powerful, balanced, can cut upfield on a dime, and has plenty of breakaway speed. Plus, dat stiff arm.

Comparing Ajayi to Doug Martin has an article and video about players to watch, and they talk quite a bit about Ajayi at about the 6:45 mark. They reference the Utah State run (found here on this highlight video: Caution, some hippedy-hoppedy lyrics. As a matter-of-fact, watch the whole video, it's highly entertaining! Just push mute and play some Yanni or something).

Ajayi's NFL Draft Profile Page

Just that.

Men's Team Routs Nevada

Whoopin' time on Saturday! The men's team beat up Nevada 78-46 at Taco Ballerina. 46, really? Did Nevada think they were playing soccer or hockey? For shame!


This is way hard.