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Locher commits

Yet again late to the party! It took a day, but this mystery recruit didn't stay a mystery for long.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Locher is a beast of a man at 6'4, 250lbs according to his scout profile. Rivals has him close to the same at 6'3 247. To come in at that size as a senior in HIGH SCHOOL is absurd. I'm not sure anyone in my high school, including the teachers, were that big. Hailing from Los Alamitos, Locher is listed as one of the top 10 LB in the west at #10 along with fellow Bronco Drew Berger, who is listed at #6.

Based on his size, I don't see Locher staying at MLB. I think he moves to either DE or DT, but I feel like his skill set works best at DE. We'll see what the coaches have planned for him, but I think we got yet another diamond in the rough. Seems that we find a lot of those, doesn't it? This class is shaping up to be monstrous. Obviously we will have to wait and see how everything falls into place, but with the addition of Locher, it's safe to say our D should be ridiculous. Go Broncos!