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2015 Recruiting Whirlwind

Let's take a look at who we can expect to don the blue and orange in the coming years and carry on our tradition of destruction here on The Blue.

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Since I am about to give you all a quick synopsis of what is about to go down, it's best if you take a seat. I ALSO suggest you grab a beverage of some kind, mine is of the adult frosty variety, and settle in for some fun. I'll give basic stats on each of the recruits, at least the stats I have available. I have no plans to do recruit interviews because I'm not playing with that fire. Not interested in getting burned, if you catch my drift. Originally I was going to leave some evaluations, but I thought it would be interesting to see what you all see. Who stands out? Who hadn't you heard of, but you think we got a steal? Who do you think, out of the potentials, do we get (we still have 4 mystery commits)? I know I may have missed some, but I will edit this article as we get commits, etc. Please leave feedback and comments below! Enjoy!

*UPDATE As many of you have pointed out and are aware, Otukolo committed to Fresno last night. Not a great situation, but Locher and Berger will make any of use stoked on Otukolo forget about him. Also, it has been pointed out that we won't be in the running for Hawkins. I figured this was the case anyway. Nathan Meadors has us in his top 4 as does Kyahva Tezino. Not sure on Meadors, but i think Tezino goes SDSU. Just my 2 cents lol. Obviously Whitney committed and will grayshirt this year, which will not affect our scholarship count. I may update this thread one more time today as we will have an open comment thread tomorrow to follow all of the LOI Day news. It's like Second Christmas! Or first Christmas...something.


Garrett Larson - OL 6’5 250 40 - N/A Fruitland, ID, Fruitland HS ** Committed 2.5.14
Offers: BSU (no video)

John Molchon - OL 6’6 260 40 - 5.2 Las Vegas, NV, Faith Lutheran HS ** Committed 9.9.14
Offers: BSU, Buffalo, CSU, Fordham, Kent St, Montant St, UNR, UNLV

Eric Quevedo - OL 6’5 285 40 - 5.1s West Covina, CA West Covina HS NR Committed 1.18.15
Offers: BSU, Cal, SDSU, UNLV, UTEP

Brett Rypien - QB 6’2 185 40 - 5.0s Spokane, WA, Shadle Park HS **** Committed 4.5.14
Offers: BSU, ASU, CSU, UI(*snicker*), Miss St, Oregon St, UW, WSU

Garrett Collingham (walk-on) - QB 6'4 205 40 - 4.6s Meridian, ID, Mountain View HS NR Committed 2.1.15
Offers: BSU

Akilian Butler - WR 5’10 178 40 - N/A Mesquite, TX, West Mesquite HS *** Committed 4.7.14
Offers: BSU, Clemson, CU, SMU

Ladarryl Blair - WR 5’11 181 40 - N/A Dallas, TX, South Oak Cliff HS *** Committed 6.2.14
Offers: BSU, ASU, Arkansas St, Boston College, CSU, TXST, Tulsa

Bryan Jefferson - WR 6’0 180 40 - 4.5s Leesburg, FL, Leesburg HS ** Committed 7.22.14
Offers: BSU, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Duke, FAU, FIU, Iowa, Iwoa St, Oregon St, USF, Temple, UAB, UCF

Brock Barr - (walk on) WR 6'4 200 40 - 4.55s Redding, CA Shasta College NR Committed 01/2015
Offers: BSU

Raymond Sheard - RB 6’1 180 40 - 4.4s Arlington, TX, Arlington HS ** Committed 11.16.14
Offers: BSU, TXST

Matt Pistone - TE 6’4 230 40 - 4.8s Yuma, AZ, Yuma Catholic HS *** Committed 12.18.14
Offers: BSU, Austin Peay, CU, Montana, NMSU, NAU, NW, Oregon St, SDSU, South Dakota St, UTEP, Vanderbilt, UW, Wyoming (jr)


Damion Wright - ATH 6’0 187 40 - N/A Los Angeles, CA, Salesian HS *** Committed 11.14.14
Offers: BSU, UI, Navy

Evan Tyler - DB 6’1 175 40 - N/A Corona, CA, Eleanor Roosevelt HS *** Committed 12.17.14
Offers: BSU, SJSU

Kameron Miles - (JC) DB 6’2 207 40 - 4.5s El Dorado, KS, Butler County C.C. HR Committed 11.15.14
Offers: BSU

Ray Ford - (JC) DB 6’0 175 40 - 4.41s Riverside, CA Riverside C.C. NR Committed 1.17.15(scout) (listed as uncommitted on Rivals)
Offers: BSU

Drew Berger - LB 6’1 223 40 - 4.61s Coeur d’Alene, ID, Coeur d’Alene HS *** Committed 7.30.14
Offers: BSU

Riley Whimpey - LB 6’2 205 40 - N/A San Clemente, CA, San Clemente HS NR Committed 1.28.15
Offers: BSU, USU

Marquis Hendrix - LB 6’0 220 40 - 4.65s Ocala, FL, Trinity Catholic HS ** Committed 1.31.15
Offers: BSU, Alcorn St, Appalachian St, Cincinnati, Furman, Middle Tenn. St, USF, UCF

Matt Locher - LB/DE 6'4 250 40 - N/A Los Alamitos, CA Los Alamitos HS *** Committed 2.1.15
Offers: BSU, Fresno State, Air Force, Cal Poly, Montana St, UC Davis

Ben Moa - (JC) DT 6’4 295 40 - N/A El Cajon, CA, Grossmont C.C. *** Committed 1.22.15* (was actually October)
Offers: BSU, KSU, SDSU

Blair Ewers - (walk on) LB  6’2 205 40 - 4.6s San Jose, CA, Valley Christian HS ** Committed 1.26.15 (nothing official, though date listed as announced on Twitter) Offers: Tulane


Tyler Horton - DB 5’10 180 40 - 4.62s Fresno, CA, Edison HS ***
Offers: BSU, Cal, CSU, EWU, Fresno State, Houston, UNR, SJSU, USU, WSU

Sam Whitney - (grayshirt) DE 6’3 225 40 - 4.72s Folsom, CA, Folsom HS NR
Offers: BSU, Sac St

Bailey Kenter - (prefered-walk on) K 6’2 200 40 - 4.7s Layton, UT, Layton Christian Academy NR
Offers: None (walk on at BSU, Oregon and Hawaii)

Jaylinn Hawkins - DB 6’0 180 40 - N/A Buena Park, CA Buena Park HS ****
Offers: Arizona, ASU, BSU, Cal, Oregon, Utah, CSU, Fresno State, UNM, NW, Oregon St, SDSU, SJSU, UW, WSU

Donzale Roddie - DB 6’0 160 40 - N/A Paramount, CA, Paramount HS ***
Offers: BSU, Utah, Wyoming

Kanya Bell - WR 6’0 160  40 - N/A Long Beach, CA, Poly HS ***
Offers: ASU, BSU, Nebraska, Oregon St, SJSU, UCLA, USC, Utah, UW, WSU

George Wilson - WR 6’3 185 40 - 4.6s Tustin CA, Tustin HS ***
Offers: Utah (Committed), BSU, UMass, Portland St, SJSU, WSU

Darreon Jackson - DB 6’1 190 40 - 4.5s Derby, KS Derby HS ***
Offers: BSU, Kansas, KSU, Army, North Texas, Southern Illinois, TTU, Tulsa, UTEP, Western Illinois

Nela Otukolo - LB 6'1 255 40 - 4.8s Las Vegas, NV, Bishop Gorman HS ***
Offers: BSU, Fresno St, Hawaii, Kent St, Montana St, NAU, UNLV, UTEP, Villanova, Wyoming

Sources: Twitter,,,, Hopefully I didn't miss any!