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Drink it in: Drinkwitz promoted to OC

Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images

After the not yet "official official" news about Mike Sanford's departure from Boise State's OC chair after just one season hit, people immediately started speculating on who might be his replacement. Now we have our answer...and it was precisely who we'd assumed it would be. Tight ends coach Eliah Drinkwitz will replace Mike Sanford as Boise State's offensive coordinator, capping a meteoric rise through the college coaching ranks that began just over 5 years ago.

A few short years ago, Drinkwitz was coaching at Springdale HS in Arkansas with a fellow named Gus Malzahn. Malzahn liked the cut of Drink's jib enough to hire him on at Auburn as an offensive grad assistant. From there, Drinkwitz landed at Arkansas State, where he eventually snagged co-offensive coordinator duties under Bryan Harsin. Last season, Drinkwitz led a resurgence at the tight end position at Boise State and showed he could do a little recruiting too...and now, he's Boise State's offensive coordinator (who'll also dabble in coaching the quarterbacks). Quite a ride.

Drinkwitz's shift to OC/QBs coach led to a vacancy at the tight ends spot, so RB/Special Teams coach Kent Riddle will backfill that position and Riddle's vacant RB coaching hat will be filled by former Boise State running back—and current strength and conditioning coach—Lee Marks.

All in all, a nice tight little transaction for the controversial outside hires or major upsetting of the apple cart. The beat goes on.