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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 2-13-15

Good afternoon, Bronco Nation!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Best Player Combos Returning Next Year

Football Study Hall is impressed with the Broncos blitz packages, and with Correa and Vallejo returning, opposing offenses could be quite stymied by the pass rush. It's nice to be noticed in an article containing a lot of P5 teams, but if anyone has paid attention to how well the Broncos perform, it's the statisticians at FSH.

Ajayi Trains With Mel Gordon

Ajayi is training with Heisman finalist Mel Gordon to improve their Scouting Combine showings. They have developed a good rapport and are pushing one another to become better. I like this snippet from the article: gave Ajayi a 5.96 grade. At 6.0, he’d be considered an instant starter in the NFL. The scouting report compares him to Marshawn Lynch and includes this quote from an AFC scout: “Of all the backs in this draft, Ajayi might be my favorite because he can do everything you want from a back and you don't have to find a complementary back to pick up the slack for him in any one area.”

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I love maps, especially ones that don't know what to do with Idaho.