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Inevitable comes early this year

Irish Gs are calling.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

I was alerted to OC Mike Sanford's probably departure by a hastily thrown together skype message from a friend. The entirety of the message was a four letter word (take your pick!), but stretched into a 12 letter word for effect. This is usually the "head to twitter" beacon...and so I did. What I found was a lot of speculation and smoke with little fire. Each ensuing article tying our alumnus offensive coordinator to the same positon in South Bend seemed to reference the same all-style-no-substance article from 247 (this one, HERE). So, being the skeptic (or optimist) I am...I spent the better part of the afternoon reminding Bronco fans that unnamed "sources" are usually unnamed for a reason and that circular sourcing had basically boiled the story down to a one-man show. That one man being 247's recruiting "insider" Steve Wiltfong.

So, here we are nearing the end of this tiring day with no concrete statement made on Sanford's departure by either school, however, my skepticism on Sanford's wanderlust that I initially dismissed at face value because WHO LEAVES THEIR DREAM JOB AT THEIR ALMA MATER AFTER ONE SEASON TO WORK FOR THIS GUY has started to wane.

Brian Kelly

And it's waned primarily because of Boise State's overwhelming silence on the matter. The Broncos were usually quick to get ahead of the yearly "Coach Pete to anywhere but Boise" news and a cursory search for Pete usually showed him to be at the Broadway Baja Fresh while "sources" claimed that he was in Madison or Fayetteville. At this point, my better judgement informs me that the news is likely true and Sanford  will be trading Table Rock for Touchdown Jesus. I guess I'm not mad...just a lot surprised that it came so swiftly. Only BSU could have lured Sanford from Stanford, now he's reportedly shunned the defending national champs and one of the best coaches in the biz for Screamy Screamerson up there. It doesn't always have to make sense to us...but apparently it makes sense to Sanford—undoubtedly a future head coach and a helluva rising star in the coaching ranks. Notre Dame, a private institution mind you, probably has considerably more coin to throw at Mike Jr. and I hope they reward him handsomely. Back to the task at hand—Spring ball starts in a month and Boise has a considerable hole to patch. Here are the likely (and wishful thinking) candidates.

Eliah Drinkwitz—Another rising star in the coaching ranks that sat next to Sanford in the booth for an entire season. Drinkwitz helped call plays for Harsin at Arkansas State and I'd like to think called this one:

Bush Hamdan—Possibly still in the football facility...Hamdan has already "been around" coaching circles (including a stop in Jonesboro with Harsin) and is another alum. He might get a call either way, because if Drinkwitz moves up, the tight end coaching spot could be up for grabs.

Kellen Moore—Don't laugh. Kellen is an absolute slam dunk coaching least once he decides to go into coaching. "The smartest football IQ in the room" and winningest QB in Division 1 history should start his coaching career in Boise...but he needs to quit making Detroit's 53-man roster first. The sad reality is that Kellen is probably making more right now holding Matthew Stafford's clipboard than he'd make as an OC. But still...IT'S KELLEN.

Dan Hawkins—Hawk still has property in the Treasure Valley and was known as a riverboat gambler during his time at the helm. I know Hawk has become a bit of a divisive figure in Bronco circles...but didn't do much wrong when he was on staff here. Elsewhere? Quite a bit of wrong.

Not Robert Prince—Pros: Not Robert Prince.

Donkey Teeth—Another distinguished alumnus. Offensive philosophy unknown.

Donkey teeth