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Fan advisory board might be our last chance for churros

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Yesterday, Boise State's Sports Information department announced the formation of a fan advisory committee to "foster dialogue between all Bronco fans and the athletic department at Boise State". At first blush, this seems like a nice little outreach by Bronco athletics—to listen to the voice of donors, season ticket-holders, students and community members. At second blush, this seems like a way to get churros in Albertsons Stadium. Let's get some people on the inside!

So, what kind of commitment is the fan advisory committee looking for? Not much—just roughly 2 hours of your time each month...for a year. Time which will be spent discussing "topics directly relating to the fan experience, ticket sales and other subjects relating to athletic events for all intercollegiate sports at Boise State". So, you've basically got 24 hours to broach the subject of churros—a subject that falls under both "fan experience" and "other subjects" (other subjects was actually my major at BSU). Sounds like a slam dunk to me. Of course, if you have can also bend the committee's ear on a few other topics, such as:

Urinal troughs—If you've never been in the men's restrooms on the east side of Albertsons Stadium, you've missed out on a glorious relic troughs, okay? The East Side men's restrooms have pee troughs! Frankly, there are probably still some on the West Side as well. For all of Albertsons Stadium's charms, standing elbow-to-elbow with a complete stranger and doing one's business at what's basically a long bathtub does not foster the kind of fan interaction I think we're going for. If chosen for the fan advisory committee, this might be something to bring up around May or June.

Fight Song—Were you aware that there are more words to the Broncos' fight song than "clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap Go Orange! Go Big Blue! Fight, Fight BSU"? Many more, in fact. Head coach Bryan Harsin has seen to it that the football team knows the words to this mysterious song...and they sing it together after Bronco wins. Fans are under no such obligation...but it would be pretty cool to hear 35,000 Broncos belting out the fight song in unison. Solution: put the words on the jumbotron...maybe even with one of those little bouncing balls. Turn Albertsons Stadium into a giant sing-along.

Hot Dog Races—For those fans that witnessed this fleeting moment brought to you by the good folks at Double R'll know why it should...nay, MUST return.

Monkey jockeys—Everyone loves Zee the tee-fetchin' dog...but how much better would the Zee experience be if he was ridden on to the field by a Capuchin monkey wearing a tiny cowboy hat and chaps? Infinity times better that's what.


These ideas are just to get the ball rolling and all obviously take a back seat to churros...but you don't want to just lead with churros and have no other suggestions. I think you've got to build up to churros. Whaddya say, OBNUG? Who's willing to do their civic duty?

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