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Poll: Who Are You Rooting For In The Superbowl?

Quick reminder: Jeron Johnson plays for the Seahawks.

Just curious who Nuggies are rooting for in today's World Championship Game. I know it's not NCAA football, nor is it our beloved Broncos, but eventually, this is the stage our players are trying to perform on. Here's my take, for those who give a care:

Seahawks 35 - Patriots 20
1. Seattle has the #1 passing and rushing defense. They also lead the league in rushing yards per game, and while they're not in the top 5 of yards-per-game or passing yards, neither is New England (see following picture).

How'd the top rated offense in the NFL work out for the Broncos last year?
2. Belichik will attempt a fake punt/field goal at some point when it's not expected (like when they're losing). He prides himself in being gutsy. But since the Seahawks will probably read this post, they'll be ready for it.
3. Gronk will score a TD and spike the ball, but Marshawn will grab his deal on his response TD. 
4. They have a common opponent that tells a story: The Packers. Seattle whomped the Pack on the first game of the season (36-16), then miraculously came back to beat them again. (Weather did play a factor in that game, which won't be a factor in Glendale. Kinda hard to catch a wet football when it's properly inflated.) How did the Patriots fare against the Packers? Loss: 21-26. So let's remove the middle man and see how they match up-- Seattle 36 - Patriots 21

5. God loves the Seahawks and cheaters never prosper.

To be perfectly honest, I have no blinkin' idea how the game will go! I could be completely wrong come this evening. I just wanted to try my hand at predicting a game and see how I did afterward. How about all of you?