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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-8-2015: Finley and DSG get medical waivers

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

(Note: This was actually Russ's article. Damien just posted it for Russ. For some reason the "by" line did not change to Russ. Sorry about that Russ!)

Finley, Sumner-Gardner to Take Medical Redshirt

Ryan Finley and Dylan Sumner-Gardner will not be playing in this year’s bowl game, opting instead to take a medical redshirt for this season. I’m glad the NCAA granted them both the opportunity to play another year. Nobody wants to lose a season of eligibility to an unfortunate injury.

Hair Thompson Upset About MWC Matchup in Arizona Bowl

I wasn’t exactly sure how two Mountain West teams ended up playing each other (Colorado State vs. Nevada), but this article explains what happened. Teams without winning records were allowed to play in bowls, which doesn’t make sense unless everybody gets a trophy. (dUIdaho is excited about getting Prettiest Team Photo!)

Anyway, Thompson wrote a strongly-worded letter which included these sentiments:

It is a travesty the Mountain West has been forced into this situation. Clearly, the system is broken. There is an excess of bowl games due in part to a disparate allocation of openings vs. conference bowl histories. The result is teams with sub-.500 records participating in bowl games. There is consensus change is needed and this year’s outcome must not be repeated. This is justa buncha poo!

Okay, maybe I added that last sentence.

Also included in this article is more info about Mike Sanford’s success and Justin Wilcox’s firing.

Cowboys vs. Redskins Box Score

This is not an article, it’s just the box score recapping last night’s game, wherein the Cowboys eked out a win against the hapless Redskins. What can you see missing? (Hint: It has something to do with the lack of a passing touchdown due to a certain absence.)



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