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Wake Up Bronco Nation 12-7-2015: Boise State to Face Northern Illinois in Poinsettia Bowl

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State to Face Northern Illinois in Poinsettia Bowl

The Huskies have done fairly well this season, only to lose to Bowling Green in the MAC Championship game. As someone mentioned in a fanpost, they are looking forward to this matchup, probably a little more than we are. I still think they’re a quality team, and while we won’t get the opportunity to test our mettle against a P5 team, this should still be a good game (provided we win, of course)!

The only MWC teams that get the opportunity to play against a P5 team are New Mexico, who plays Arizona in the New Mexico Bowl and AFA, who plays Cal in the Hawai’i Bowl. A part of me feels I’d like for both those teams to take their lumps, but in reality, I’m rooting for them because I want them to show just how good they really can be when they’re on their game. Plus, they’re fellow L-S’ers-P.

(Speaking of Air Force, did anyone else want them to kick the living crud out of Rocky “Skeletor” Long’s lemon-sucking face?) But, I digress…

The Poinsettia Bowl will be at 2:30pm MST on December 23rd, at Castle Greyskull.

Sperbeck Named Team MVP

Thomas Sperbeck was named Boise State’s Most Valuable Player at the team banquet last night. Sperbeck was pretty awesome to watch this year, if I might say so myself, and was clutch when we needed him to be. He has grown into his role since filling in for Matt Miller!

Also given honors were McWeapon for Offensive MVP, Thompson for Defensive MVP, and Darren Lee for Special Teams MVP. For a full list of award recipients, click on the link.

BSU Mention in OSU Article

Okay, this is digging deep, but it’s a mention of Boise State doing something OSU hasn’t, so… there’s that. Not really news, but it’s a link!


Geez, the internet filters are really strict out here, so… uh, here’s some exercises that are a waste of time.