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Game Balls for Week of November 29

Harry How/Getty Images

A few things happened the past week. Let us talk about them!

Game Ball One:

Shay Shaw

shalen shaw

She was a commanding presence in a losing effort against Washington State. Her stats were "ok," six points and seven rebounds (oh-fer on three pointers) but it was her athletic presence and ability to get others involved, and make Wazzu account for her, that kept the Broncos in this game. In the end Wazzu was too big, athletic, and (lets face it) too good to drop this one. But the Broncos stayed competitive and only lost by five.

Game Ball Two:

Geordan Martinez


Mr. Martinez was the only Bronco to make it to the second day of the Cliff Keen Las Vegas invitational last Friday and Saturday. He had made it to the quarterfinals before falling to Missouri's Lavion Mayes (major decision 13-5). Where Martinez headed to the consolation bracket. In the consolation bracket Martinez went 1-1 eventually falling to Alec Pantaleo from Michigan. For being the only Bronco to not only make it to the second round, but place, Martinez gets internet kudos!

Game Ball Three:

James Webb III

james webb

After a disappointing loss in a rematch with Arizona, the Broncos took out their frustrations on Willamette. Mr. Webb had the game's only double-double (13 points, 10 rebounds). He does this basketball thing pretty well.

Game Ball Four:

Anthony Drmic


The Aussie showed up in the Saturday win over Portland. 24 points, 7 rebounds, and three assists. His highest scoring output of the year. He had also garnered Boise State player of the game status. Figured I would throw him a bone here too!

Your Turn

Any athlete come to mind for some good shout outs? Let me know!