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Boise State's Sperbeck in Final Four of Dr. Saturday's 2015 Catch of the Year.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just two more rounds, folks, until the crown is rested upon someone's head for catch of the year. Right now our very own Thomas Sperbeck is matched up against Amara Darboh of Michigan.

All but one of the higher seeds had moved on from the first round of voting. Darboh was the lone upset against Shamier Jeffery of South Carolina. Sperbeck had won by a pretty decent margin 66%-34%. The widest margin of all the vote tallies.

That being said, Bronco Nation cannot rest on laurels as Darboh has a very decent shot at upsetting the Bronco hero in Sperbeck.

As a reminder of just what Sperpeck did, here you go:

sperbeck gif

(Gif courtesy of Dr. Saturday)

Bronco Nation also gets the added bonus of voting against a catch that had something to do with BYU. Yes, Darboh's catch was during the Michigan blowout of BYU. Who does not want to relive that?

Your Turn

Your votes are vital and it is going to be a tight one against the folks from Michigan. Let's get it done!