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Boise State Game Balls Week of December 20th

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This was a busy week as we had Women's and Men's basketball, wrestling, and football. There were some good performances this week and an opportunity for athletes to step up. Let us take a look at who deserves some internet points!

Game Ball One:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

The Broncos played in a poorly timed game, at noon, last Sunday. According to the game book about 4,400 people attended not TOO bad considering. The Broncos won, in a route, against some dude named Bradley. Seems a little unfair, but whatever. If he thinks he's good enough to play one versus five, that is HIS problem. That said, the Broncos did some good in this game. Webb, again, did Webb things netting 31 points, 8 rebounds, and 10-11 on the free throw line. That is actually a big deal considering he is only a 60% free throw shooter for his career and 51% on the year. Being able to account for a third of your team's scoring output is pretty awesome. while Webb continues his awesome run, that alone warrants a game ball. Congrats Webb!

Game Ball Two:

Geordan Martinez (wrestling)


Mr. Martinez is kind of good at the whole "wresting" thing. How so? In the Reno Tournament of Champions (again, on a Sunday) he was able to put away six-straight wrestlers to win his weight-class. A first for the Broncos in three years. He beat some pretty good competition to get there, including the eighth-ranked 149-pounder in the nation. It is good to see Broncos succeeding in every sport. Hopefully Martinez keeps the ball rolling.

Game Ball Three:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

shalen shaw

Goodness Ms. Shaw has this basketball thing down pat. Shaw had the only double-double on the court with sixteen points and thirteen rebounds. Shaw is in the top five in the Mountain West conference with just a shade over seven rebounds per game. Outings like the one against Eastern Washington are going to bolster these stats. Shaw continues to make her presence known with her athleticism. With momentum on her side, she will continue to dominate.

Game Ball Four:

Brooke Pahukoa (basketball)

brooke pahukoa

She is only a junior, folks, but Ms. Pahukoa can not be stopped. The woman is only 5' 9" but plays like she's 10' with seven rebounds against Eastern Washington. Second (on the team) only to Ms. Shaw, and the third most on the court (Payne of EWU had eight). Coupled with her 30 points she dominates the field. Pahukoa *only* made three shots from outside the arc, but accounted for half of the Broncos total (and matched EWU's total output). Congratulations Pahukoa on the game ball!

EDIT: Because this is not football, the powers that be in the Mountain West HQ every so often get these right. Congratulations Brooke!!!

Well that is it for the week, right? Nothing else happen, or worthy of a ball?


We have our very last balls of the football season to give out? In a little game against Northern Illinois University.

In short?

penguins high five

Oh the humanity.

In the matchup versus NIU one cannot go wrong with whomever they choose for extended kudos. So I will let the Poinsettia Bowl do it for me.

Game Ball Five:

Brett Rypien (football)

Brett Rypien

Mr. Rypien was 29-39, 277 yards, three touchdowns, an INT, and a fumble lost on a strip/sack, and a QB rating on 175.8. But we are going just going to gloss over those turnovers as the interception was pretty inconsequential, and the strip/sack was just a good defensive play. Rypien was the Poinsettia Bowl Offensive Player of the game. And he looked all of the solid QB we have pushed all our gambling money in for. Coach Harsin said he is looking forward to, and is expecting, a QB competition next year. What do you say about that Rypien?

come at me bro


Game Ball Six:

Kamalei Correa (football)

kamalei correa

Mr. Correa is leaving for the NFL. And after the clinic he put on for scouts in the Poinsettia, I do not blame him. He had four total tackles, three solo, two sacks, and two and a half tackles for loss. He was a disruptive force for the Broncos and established his dominance. All those stats got him the Defensive Player of the Game and well-deserved. His dominance will be missed. This marks the second Bronco to leave early in as many years. And gives me the sads. Ah well. Mr. Correa, thank you for your time, and good luck!

Your Turn

Yeah. There was a lot going on last week. And plenty more Broncos that earned accolades. Who would you have given a ball to? Askew (women's basketball) for her 19 points, six rebounds? McNichols for his three touchdowns? Sperbeck for being awesome? Like I said, plenty of chances.