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Boise State QB Alex Ogle to Transfer

Hopefully he finds his success.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In what should be a surprise to no one, Boise State has a quarterback leave for a different opportunity.

A late 2014 recruiting pick up for the Broncos, Alex Ogle could not break the three-deep. Realistically sitting behind: Finley, Rypien (the real number two), and Stuart at the start of the season.

Ogle red-shirted his 2014 year and only saw three games this year. Two attempts for five yards. It is unfortunate that he has decided to make a move, but he has to do what is right for him. He will be transferring to Arizona Western College, a junior college.

What is most disappointing is the phrasing in his departure:

No one--NO ONE--should fault Ogle in his desire to play. He is a competitor and wants to prove his worth while he still has the chance. But the way he's phrased the statement is discouraging.

But, it is not personal:

Definitely business, on both ends.

Good luck Alex on your future endeavors. Hopefully you find nothing but success going forward.