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Happy Kellenmas Everyone!

A day four years in the making, Kellen Moore finally gets a start!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"And on this day, December 27, 2015, he of the short-stature and weak arm, but of the sound mind and sounder awesomeness, shall achieve what no other Boise State Bronco quarterback has done: start an NFL game."

Today is the day folks. Where the prodigal Bronco, Kellen Moore, does the impossible. What no one (outside of Bronco Nation and probably Prosser, Washington) would think would happen and gets the chance to to lead an NFL team to victory.

It is often said to "never meet your heroes." In this case, it would be "do not watch your hero play football." Because, what if Kellen Moore is... not... good? (That took a lot more strength than you think to write.) The reality of Kellen being the opposite of dominating is not one that exists in this universe. Maybe in one where people routinely take crazy pills, but not this one. Heck. Even in a performance where Kellen only threw one touchdown, and three interceptions, the shine still does not dissipate.

There are many who are not Cowboys fans. But Kellen fans. Not a wonder that the local Boise Fox affiliate made some moves a few days ago:


At 11 a.m. mountain time, the city of Boise will be on lockdown. Church attendance will take a dip, and local shops will be barren (except at half time). The anticipation for Kellen Moore to prove his worth will be at an all-time high.

So we here at OBNUG ask:

UPDATE: Cowboys lose 6-16.