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The Aftermath of the Boise State Vs Northern Illinois Beatdown: What Are They Saying?

Let us bask in the warm glow...

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The cold is settling in. We are now entering the void that is "No Boise State football." And there was much sadness.

But what is not sad? How the game played out yesterday and subsequently ended. We can all take solace in how the game ended. Well. Maybe not Northern Illinois. (Which is a fine team, really, just one of "those days" when the team just could not click and nothing works.) Bronco Nation needed this game. There was much blood.

So, uh, what happened?

From SB Nation:

Boise State's hellacious splattering of NIU was the biggest FBS beatdown of this millennium

The Broncos trucked NIU's ancestors into the void, made the MAC look like the WAC (and not the 2010 WAC, which was bad, but the current WAC, which does not play football) and ladled the classic Kellen Moore finger guns GIF onto NIU's forehead for three merciless hours.

The article has Kellen Moore finger guns so that, in itself, deserves all the clicks.

Holy crap, Boise State outgained NIU by more than 600 yards in the Poinsettia Bowl

That's NSFW right there.

That's right below the header. That's about it.

How the hell did Boise State and Georgia Southern each lose 4 games this year?

This one is from our friend Bill Connelly. Very astute question.

Playing great, then playing poorly is something we're used to in college football. But it's still difficult to comprehend this: Boise State and Georgia Southern lost eight games this year. Boise State lost at home to New Mexico. Georgia Southern got run out of its own building by Georgia State.

The question itself is what we have been asking ourselves in Bronco Nation.

From NBCSports:

Boise State crushes Northern Illinois in Poinsettia Bowl laugher

Just how thorough was this beating? Boise State’s fifth-leading rusher would’ve lead Northern Illinois’ entire roster, and six separate Broncos posted more receiving yards than the most productive Huskie.

Another way to look at it: you, sitting there reading this, had as many touchdowns as the NIU offense.

From Yahoo's Dr Saturday:

The Broncos played the way many had expected them to play throughout the season.

Exactly what I thought.

The Chicago Tribune:

Jeremy McNichols

Jeremy McNichols

Jeremy McNichols

Even the public address announcer for the Poinsettia Bowl seemed to grow a little bored with the repetition.

You know who has two thumbs and did not get bored with this game?

This guy (me, the guy who wrote this compilation).

From CBS Sports:

It was ugly, folks. Really, ugly.

Yeah. That's about it.

Fortunately, for both teams, the consensus is that NIU is a good team and it was just "one of those games." Would have been a long off-season for the Broncos had this gone the other way. Good luck to the Huskies going forward. They will find their footing.

Your Turn

Admit it: you were not expecting what happened. Especially based on the predict the score submissions. I'll get to that at another time. But, for now, high fives and pats on the back around!