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Wake Up Bronco Nation 12-23-2015: Correa to Declare for Draft

The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State’s Correa to Enter NFL Draft

Well, poo.

I always hope the best for these young players who declare early, but I’ve always held to the belief that college athletics should be there to support academics. Athletes are given the opportunity to improve their education and will have another door opened to them if they should fizzle out in the NFL or have career-ending injuries.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tim Duncan, who had the opportunity and skills to go to the NBA early, but wanted his degree from Wake Forest because he valued the education. I believe the extra years playing college ball helped him mature enough to perform better at the next level.

I personally think Correa could benefit from another year playing with Boise State at the college level, but I’m not him and his decisions are his. Bronco Nation wishes him the best of luck in his future! (Imagine if Dallas drafts him: D-Law, T-Craw, and K-Corr all wreaking havoc on hapless quarterbacks! Yes-s-s! High fives and back slaps!)

Three Reasons to Watch Poinsettia Bowl

ESPN has to give people three reasons to watch, when all we need is the one that matters: Boise State is playing! As for me, I’m stuck at work all day and have our annual family party tonight, so I might try finding it on the radio. I’ll be listening, though!

NIU Has Tools to Frustrate Boise State

SB Nation writer Bill Connelly uses math and stuff to show how Boise State can be beat by a motivated Huskies team today. He apparently doesn’t adhere to our NO MATH rule.

4 Things for Huskies

I learned a lot from this article: Namely, "Huskie" is indeed how they spell it, even though my browser has a squiggly red line underneath it.

San Diego Tribune on Armand Nance

Who doesn’t like Armand Nance and his back story?

Williams-Rhodes Sets Sights on Final Game

I can’t believe he’s a senior already! *sniff.

SWR only needs 5 catches to beat Austin Pettis’ catch total, and 20 to beat Matt Miller’s. I look forward to watching him dart around on the field, making defenders whiff. What an exciting player to have had here!