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Predict the Score: Boise State versus Northern Illinois University

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The last Boise State football game of the year. While it has been an up and down year (mostly up, except for the last couple at home) certainly has been one of lost opportunity. But there is always the opportunity to etch your name in OBNUG glory and predicting the score!


  • What will Boise State's total offensive yards be?
  • How many passes will NIU attempt?
  • How many interceptions will Thompson and Deayon have at the final whistle?

What Do I Get if I Win?

A hearty congratulations!

What About the San Jose State Predict the Score?

Thought I forgot that game, huh? (Being honest, I kind of did. Just mostly focused on the "winning" part of it.) To refresh your memory, Boise State won that game 40-23. So our winning guess? 38-24 from AFfan1982. Congratulations AFfan1982 for the happiness. I certainly hope you spread that around for all the world to see!!

Your Turn

This is it. The last game of the year that you need to be concerned with from an emotional standpoint (nope, does not matter that you may have a pro team as well, or other collegiate allegiances, your season ends today). It has been a long, and sometimes sad, season. Hopefully it can end on a happy note!