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Boise State's Sperbeck a Catch of the Year Nominee

And the signals were lit.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Sperbeck has an opportunity to earn the illustrious honor of nabbing a Yahoo poll vote. Their Catch of the Year:

During the first half of the Broncos’ 34-14 win over Wyoming, Sperbeck made this this crazy one-handed snag. Sperbeck got his right hand on the Brett Rypien pass and hauled it in on the deflection. One of the best parts of the catch was his ability to cradle the ball in his right arm to secure the catch as he hit the turf.

sperbeck gif

(GIF credit goes to Yahoo/Dr Saturday.)

The catch was a great show of athleticism, concentration, and awareness of where he was on the field. Especially with a throw that was pretty difficult to catch from the beginning. He is going up against Michigan State's Aaron Burbridge.

UPDATE 2:34 P.M.: Need to keep the pressure on folks. But good work otherwise!

There is still some time to gain ground, but time is growing short. You know what needs to happen Bronco Nation.

(Hat tip to Chadd Cripe for the heads up.)