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Northern Illinois University Anagram Roster

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

Northern Illinois University = Rhinestone Virility Lion Urns

Rod Carey = Racy Redo

DeKalb, Illinois = Oilskin I Balled

Offensive Starters for Northern Illinois

  • WR: Kenny Golladay = Yak Dangle Only
  • WR: Tommylee Lewis = Met Wisely Mole
  • TE: Desroy Maxwell = My Wold Relaxes
  • TE (Yes. Two Tightends): Shane Wimann =
  • TB: Joel Bouagnon = Mean Wash Inn
  • QB: Ryan Graham = Ah Angry Arm
  • LT: Levon Myers = Lever My Son
  • LG: Aidan Conlan = Canal And Ion
  • C: Andrew Ness = Swans Render
  • RG: Josh Ruka = No Anagrams
  • RT: Max Scharping = Scrap Hag Minx
Defensive Starters for Northern Illinois
  • DE: Cameron Clinton-Earl = A Nonelectrical Norm
  • DT: Mario Jones = A Resin Mojo
  • NG: William Lee = Lie Aim Well
  • DE: Perez Ford = Fez Pod Err
  • OLB: Sean Folliard = Loaned Flairs
  • MLB: Boomer Mays = Sob Mom Year
  • OLB: Renard Cheren = Rec Hen Errand
  • CB: Albert Smalls = Ms Blare Stall
  • FS: Marlon Moore = No Lamer Room
  • SS: Brandon Mayes = Banned Morays
  • CB: Paris Logan = Prison Gala
  • P: Jake Ambrose = Amoeba Jerks
  • PK: Christian Hagan = Satanic Hah Grin
  • HO: Chad Beebe = Be Beached
  • SN: Bobby Ramlet = Mr Abbey Blot
  • PR: Shawun Lurry = Wry Hula Urns
  • KOR: Aregeros Turner = Treasurer Goner