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Wake Up Bronco Nation 12-21-2015: Martinez Wins Tournament of Champions

Lunch time!

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Martinez Wins Tournament of Champions

Sophomore wrestler Geordan Martinez took first place in Reno’s Tournament of Champions yesterday. The 149-pound wrestler was seeded 3rd in the tournament, and won 5 matches (two major decisions, three decisions), before beating the #1 seed by a score of 8-5.

For those of you who don’t know how scoring works in wrestling, here’s a little primer since I’ll be hard-pressed to meet my word quota with this one link:


A TAKEDOWN is when you take an opponent off his/her feet and "control the hips," meaning basically you get in position behind your opponent. -- 2 points

An ESCAPE is when you get back to your feet after being taken down and break free from your opponent. -- 1 point.

A REVERSAL is when you’ve been taken down and you switch positions, now becoming the controlling wrestler on top. – 2 points.

A NEARFALL (or BACK POINTS), is when you expose your opponent’s back to the mat at more than a 45-degree angle. If the ref counts to two—2 points. If the ref counts to five – 3 points.

Other points can be awarded for technical violations, which range from touching your hands while on top (locking around the waist is only legal in freestyle and Greco wrestling), to using unnecessary roughness with slamming or punching. For SJSDFan’s info: Biting is an automatic disqualification!

TEAM POINTS are awarded as such:

If a wrestler wins by 1-7 points, that’s called a DECISION – 3 team points.

If a wrestler wins by 8-14 points, that’s called a MAJOR DECISION – 4 team points.

If a wrestler scores 15 more points than their opponent, they stop the match and award a TECHNICAL FALL – 5 team points.

If a wrestler PINS or the opponent FORFEITS – 6 team points.

If a wrestler is up by 14 points and then pins their opponent – 6 points and the opponent’s girlfriend.

Martinez is the first BSU wrestler to take the title in the TOC in three years. Jason Chamberlain and Jake Swartz won in 2012. Here’s hoping he goes far in the National Tournament later this year!

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