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Boise State Game Balls for Week of December 13th

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

With the Boise State break starting to go in to full effect, the number of athletic outings is pretty slim. For this week at least. There were only two Boise State athletic competitions for this week and they were both women's basketball. So get ready for some ladies roundball internet thumbs up!

Game Ball One:

Miquelle Askew (basketball)


Ms. Askew had 24 points and four rebounds for the Broncos in the 84-77 win over Concordia. She led all scorers in the contest and was a presence for the Broncos. Also? She just reached a small milestone of 1,000 points in her career (1,002 when the game was done). So far she's the 17th Bronco to achieve the feat. On Saturday Askew continued her dominating ways. She had 18 points and 12 rebounds against Seattle. She was the only player on the court to achieve a double-double. Congratulations Ms. Askew on your games, and a game ball!

Game Ball Two:

Marijke Vanderschaaf (basketball)


Ms. Vanderschaaf is making a name for herself in her redshirt freshman year. She had thirteen points and ten rebounds against Concordia. Starting the year slow (only tallied 17 total minutes in the first three games) she averaged 17 minutes in the last three. While she only had ten points in the first three games, she's averaging double digits since the Washington State game. Hopefully her name will appear here more often.

Game Ball Three:

Brooke Pahukoa (basketball)

brooke pahukoa

Brooke Pahukoa continues to do Brooke Pahukoa things. In the Concordia game, she was relatively quiet only getting seven points, five rebounds, and four assists. But she is a driving force for the Broncos and that effort showed up on Saturday versus Seattle. Ms. Pahukoa had 22 points on the night. Making 6-7 from beyond the arc and 4-8 of her free throws. She also added another couple blocks and steals to her overall stats. The sharpshooter continues her ability to get hot from three point land and dominate. It is an awesome sight to see.

Your Turn

The athletic activity the last week for the Broncos was kind of lacking, so it is hard to hand out internet points to those who would need them. Jokingly I had stated I should have added Kellen to this list because Kellen. But I could not justify it enough in my head to put him on the list. Yeah, he did throw a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant, but Kellen also threw three interceptions. Pretty sure even he would not have handed him a game ball (let alone being a former Bronco, and not a current one). So, having said that, nothing is stopping someone in the comments from giving Kellen a hat tip.