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Kellen Moore replaces Matt Cassel, Bronco Nation loses their minds

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In the second quarter of tonight's Cowboys-Jets game, an amazing thing happened. Well, it wasn't amazing for Matt Cassell, but it was amazing for Boise State fans. After another rough start by the veteran Cassell, the Cowboys finally gave Prosser's favorite son Kellen Moore a shot in the NFL. It was a moment most of us had been waiting for for the least four years, so when it finally happened no one knew what to do with their hands...

Mostly, people didn't know what to do with their allegiances. Fans that had absolutely no rooting interest in the NOT playoff-bound Cowboys suddenly found themselves rooting hard for the lefty to make an immediate impact—or at least not do this:

Well, Kellen didn't do that...but he did throw 3 picks, with only 1 being unanimously dubbed a "bad" interception. Not the highest praise in the world, but Sir Kellen did finish the night 15-25 with one TD—and the aforementioned picks, but I think it's safe to say he acquitted himself very well among Cowboy fans and talking heads for his non-Cassel-ness. Kellen led a couple of nice drives...made a few throws people said he could never make and actually hit his receivers in the hands several times on incompletions (guess people need to get used to that left-handed spin). Most importantly, I think Moore showed enough tonight that he has a good shot at a start next week which would put him in rarified air—you could say Boise State QBs haven't been the hottest NFL commodities...and mainly because of their Boise State-esque physical qualities. Kellen did several things tonight that put the Cowboys in position to win and the 3 point loss won't be pinned on him. Overall, it was a fun day of nostalgia as I watched Star Wars this morning and a Kellen Moore-led offense tonight. And we all watched Kellen together—ah, memories.